We are partnered with Microsoft on our journey to provide world-class Microsoft solutions for our global clients.

We offer Microsoft technology solutions that help our clients attain and retain success in their business.

Intel Hypernet believes in accelerating digital transformation for businesses it serves by being an influential leader in the technology market. Our alliance with Microsoft has given us the platform to deliver custom solutions for our clients, help them expand their business, and eventually take it to the level of success and beyond.

With unparalleled expertise at Business Intelligence (BI), SharePoint, Office 365, SQL, and Azure and others, we endeavor to maximize your ROI. Be that with cloud – private or public, on-premise or hybrid cloud.

Enhancing collaboration, enhancing growth in business

With our customizable, flexible, scalable and robust Microsoft solutions that befit your business budget, you can go on to leverage growth in your business. We integrate solution in your existing programming systems too as to help you transform business at the lowest costs.

We focus on unparalleled growth in your business and we strive to achieve this for you with our constant support. By being with you, we deliver technology solutions that help you break free from conventions and move on with business more innovatively. We help you unlock business potential with cloud solutions, mobile-first approach and other Microsoft-based solutions.

Our team has expertise in everything Microsoft!

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